Dan and Staci

In 2009, I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid in my friends, Chloe and Mark’s wedding. It was absolutely amazing, my (now) husband and I had such a great time and realized it was the D.J, who was the wonderful Mike Regan, that made the wedding so great. We knew we were going to probably get married soon and even though we don’t live in California (we live in Reno), wanted to keep his name in mind. My husband Dan and I got engaged in April and wanted to get married in September (quick engagement). We honestly loved Chloe and Marks wedding music and Mike did such a great job at their wedding that we booked our wedding around Mike’s availability, realizing that of ALL the bride and grooms vendors, the D.J makes the night We were so lucky that he had Sept. 25, 2010 opened for us, it all worked out amazingly! We met with Mike about 3 weeks before our wedding to do some last minute planning and this just re-affirmed our decision to use Mike as our D.J. He was so laid back, happy and we could tell he truly cared about our special day. I was very pleased when Mike asked me to describe how I wanted people to perceive my wedding using 3-4 words. The words I chose were “relaxed, real, fun and lots of dancing!”

Our wedding reception was more than I could have ever imagined. Mike is more than just a D.J, in short, he was my planner and organizer for the entire reception. He organized people, moved all 220 people through our buffet line, did the speeches in an orderly fashion and stuck to his word that we would have lots of time to dance. Now when I say people danced all night long, they really did, we had people jumping up and down (we actually broke the dance floor!). Our reception was such high, great energy not only were our friends dancing we had our parents dancing, aunts, uncles, kids, etc…there were so many people that they spilled onto the grass and this continued all night long. At one point, when it was supposed to end Mike told Dan, my husband, that this would be the last song. People were having so much fun that we couldn’t end the night, Mike agreed and we extended the dancing/reception for another hour until 12 am!!

I really never make testimonials, but we have received overwhelming response about our reception and Mike as our D.J. that our friends who were at the reception agree that will definitely be using Mike for their weddings one day! A great D.J will make people dance and when people dance they have fun and leave the reception saying how great it was. We can not thank Mike enough. Everyone is still talking about our wedding as the best reception they have ever been to. My wedding day truly was a fairytale, everything I wanted and so very much more, there was an abundance of “fun”, it was “relaxed”, “real/emotional” and a ton of “DANCING”!!

 – Staci

I read Staci’s testimonial and it covers a lot!!! However, I am including my version as well.

Mike was absolutely instrumental in the success of our big wedding day!  Before our wedding, I assumed that a DJ was responsible to simply just play music.  WOW, was I ever wrong!!!  DJ Mike was more than just the “music guy.” He orchestrated EVERYTHING with all of our vendors, ran the entire wedding reception, put together one of the greatest wedding playlists, and essentially created the best wedding atmosphere I have ever been apart of!!!  However, the most incredible part to me as well as my bride was how genuine Mike is as a person!  His goal the entire day was to make sure that my she loved every minute of her day!  From all of the preperation that he put in to making sure the music was perfect for our specific guests, nobody left without mentioning to us that they had never been to a wedding where so many people danced!!!  At a point, there were over 150 guests dancing and the dance floor broke!!!  When we first met him, I knew he was the right guy for us with his light-hearted personality, fun natured spirit, and definitely his contagious laugh!!! In my opinion, DJ Mike is an absolute MUST to any wedding!  For everything he did during my bride’s fairytale, I am forever grateful.  He will always be more to us that just a DJ.

– Dan