Hind sight is 20/20 and creates experts within each of us. Our team at MR DJ Event Services can, and will, share our wisdom with you until we’re blue in the face. Yet, we think you’ll appreciate hearing and learning from a brides past experience and what she is saying now that she’s said I do, danced the night away and returned from the honeymoon.

The first bride we interviewed is not only a past bride of MR DJ’s, she has now joined the MR DJ Event Services’ team. Serena shares lessons she learned during the planning and booking of entertainment for her recent wedding and what brides can take away from her experience.

Prior to your wedding and during the planning process, was entertainment a priority for you?

While selecting a DJ/MC for our wedding, I was looking for someone who would play the music we wanted, when we wanted it. It was important to us that they arrived on time, looked professional and could create a fun dance party.

How would you describe the planning process with MR DJ Event Services?

Kale and Serena Shoe Game

Who Knows Who Best

It was fun, creative and productive. From the start we were provided with online tools to help us prepare for our planning meeting with Mike. At the conclusion of our planning meeting, I felt completely confident in Mike’s ability to execute our wedding day just as we had imagined. I was no longer anxious; I was even more excited for the day to come.

Mike was enthusiastic about our ideas and even made suggestions about things we never considered. During the planning meeting it was clear to me that MR DJ Event Services provides much more than DJs and there wasn’t anything I could throw at them that couldn’t be handled.

How did you feel about the performance of MR DJ Event Services on your Wedding Day?

Mike kept the evening flowing exactly as we had discussed in our planning meeting. I consider myself to be a bit of a control freak and it was truly a good feeling to relax and visit with my friends and family while Mike facilitated the evening.

Serena and Kale's Surprise Wedding

Photo Courtesy of Sharon Hoyt Photography

Prior to my own wedding I had no idea how much of the wedding day was in the hands of the DJ/MC. Looking back I remember Mike’s attention to the little things – a tap on the shoulder checking in and reminding us what was to come next, “It is now time for the first dance, would you like to visit longer?”  And, his attention to the big things – a perfectly timed announcement, “Welcome to Serena and Kale’s Surprise Wedding!” Our friends and family cheered, yelled and cried in excitement.

How did you personally feel after the wedding?

I left my wedding feeling as though my guests had a night they would never forget and for weeks I received text messages telling me so! Flowers and wedding favors aren’t what made our wedding amazing. It was an unforgettable night greatly due to the ability of our DJ/MC to engage our guests throughout the entire evening with the flow of activity and the music played. Our guests were laughing with us, crying with us and fist pumping all the way through the last dance.

Knowing what you know now, if your best friend was getting married, what advice would you give her?


Photo Courtesy of Sharon Hoyt Photography

I would tell her to forget about what the wedding planning timelines say; before locking in a date be sure the DJ you want is available. The wedding DJ should be the first vendor you book. A good DJ/MC can facility the feeling you are envisioning for your wedding festivities and you don’t want to leave that up to just any Joe Schmoe.

When I first started looking for a DJ I was just looking for someone to play 4 hours of music. I did not understand the hours of planning and preparation the right DJ/MC puts into an event to make sure your vision become a reality. I learned it is about so much more than just music and dancing!