Brooke and Marc

I was very honored to have MR DJ( mike) to be at our wedding. They are very personable and care so much about what you want. not just what they think is best.. they really did get to know us and cared about what we wanted on our big day. I loved how custom the whole itinerary of music became. we had a music list for every part of the wedding.

We met with MR DJ several time at a cafe to really brainstorm about the feel and energy that we wanted for our big day. Mike found the most beautiful songs that i fell in love with for the wedding march since i wanted to stay away from the tradition wedding march music. His music touch me so strongly that he witness me crying in my coffee at the cafe. crying.. meaning so happy and excited to walk and dance to all his music;) He really learned the kind of person that i am and what i love. he got into my soul with his music and that warmed my husband and I with respect for MR DJ Service. I would strongly recommend to any future customer who needs these services to enjoy the making of your event with MR DJ. a lot of heart and fun energy will be by your side the entire time.

thanks again!!


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