Kelly and Jeff

I really wanted to tell you how much Jeff and I really enjoyed our wedding! Everything was just how you said. I was itching to get up and dance during dinner as I know several of my friends and family were. You kept the whole event moving and even indulged me in a song that probably wasn’t the best for getting on the dance floor but I totally enjoyed it. ” I don’t even know my last name.” Seeing Jeff’s face when I walked down the aisle and his huge smile I know was in part to our song choice “Princess Bride” and it really started the whole event off right! I really felt the whole event was totally “us” and that was all due to you and your expertise. My parents received a few thank you cards and several phone calls after the wedding to thank them for opening up their house and home and for throwing such an awesome event. Many of them said it was one of the best celebrations they had been to. So thank you for making them look so good! : ) I will definitely recommend you to all my friends in the Sacramento area.

With great appreciation, Kelly and Jeff

P.S. I LOVED the orange umbrella! Thank you so much!!!

wedding review  
Photo courtesy of: Allison Stahl Photography