Ryan and Shelby

Mike Regan is nothing short of spectacular! While planning a wedding there are so many different vendors out there, who do you know is the perfect fit for your wedding? When we first started the process of looking for a DJ, we had no idea of what we were looking for, we just knew what we didn’t like. This is absolutely where Mike differentiates himself from every other DJ out there. We spoke with many DJ’s who asked us a couple of questions, and wanted us to send them a “play list” of what we wanted played at our wedding. They were your run of the mill, “weekend warriors”, who were only in the business to make some extra cash on the weekends. This may be okay for a company function, or a birthday party, but when you are talking about a once in a lifetime opportunity, you would think that there would be more planning involved. All of these DJ’s were roughly around the same price, so I figured that was the going rate for a wedding. Until I was referred to Mike Regan.
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Photo courtesy of: Jodi Yorsten

When I first spoke with Mike, we instantly hit it off. He explained to me that he didn’t just give “quotes” over the phone, he liked to sit down and meet with us to explain why he may cost a bit more than some of the other DJ’s. Being in sales, I understood building value in a product, and could relate to Mike. On the other hand, I couldn’t figure out why there was such a price discrepancy between Mike and the “other” DJ’s. Because we lived out of town it was not as easy to have a face to face conversation with Mike, but after numerous phone conversations, I felt very comfortable with him and decided that regardless of price, he was the one that I wanted to DJ our wedding. 6 Weeks before our wedding was the time that we all got together for our planning meeting prior to the wedding. This is absolutely where you will see that value in Mike!

In the middle of our planning meeting, he had Shelby, her mother, and myself in tears. Everything was perfect. Shelby and I didn’t want the traditional cookie cutter wedding music, which most DJ’s recommend. He matched our personalities to the music, and absolutely nailed it! After the meeting I explained to him that I was skeptical about his cost, but after that meeting I had no doubt that he was worth every penny. I even mentioned to him that after meeting with him and hearing what he had planned, I would have gladly paid more.

Now the most important part, the wedding day. Once again, Mike did not disappoint. He exceeded our lofty expectations, and went above and beyond his job as DJ. His timing was perfect on everything, when we wanted classy it was, and when we wanted fun, he knew how to get the party started! He was very professional and was very respectful of all of our guests. Even now when I talk to friends and family about our wedding, the first thing they say is how smoothly everything went, and how much fun the night was. I explain to every one of them that it wasn’t by accident. Mike had the whole night planned from I do, to our departure. I know this may sound cliché, but Mike Regan is worth every penny.

More often than not the DJ can literally make or break your wedding. He will make your wedding the most memorable day of your life, hands down. He will make sure that the evening goes exactly how YOU have always imagined. As you can see, I can’t say enough about Mike and his services. If you have any further questions for Shelby and I, please feel free to get our contact info from Mike. Choosing Mike will be the best decision that you can make for your wedding!

-Ryan and Shelby