So You Are Planning Your Own Wedding Ceremony 

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If you are getting married outside of the church then you will need to think about a few important details before your wedding day. Starting with who is going to officiate your wedding ceremony. It is becoming increasingly popular for couples to have someone close to them officiate their wedding ceremony. It is a fun idea and that person usually brings a personal touch and a connection that a hired professional does not have. However, what you gain with a personal connection you lose in professionalism. Though good ol Uncle Red can do a fabulous job personalizing your wedding ceremony, this is also Uncle Red’s very first time officiating. So I have compiled a few things to go over with your officiant prior to your ceremony to help you with your plans.

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Cell Phones – You should make sure that everyone in the wedding party has their phones turned completely OFF. This way there is no possibility of interference with the DJ’s wireless microphone system. Once your officiant takes his/her position at the altar and just before it is Go Time, please ask the guests to silence their cell phones. Now we are ready to begin.

“Please Rise” – You are not getting married in the church, so you’re probably walking down the aisle to one of your favorite songs rather than the traditional wedding march. Because there is no traditional ‘Here Comes the Bride’ (American Weddings) there is nothing telling the guests to instinctively rise. Please have your officiant say these words, “Please rise.”, when the time is right. Now if your officiant is going to tell your guests to “rise” then your officiant also needs to tell your guests “Please be seated.” or “You may take your seats.”, once the bride is at the altar. This is very important because if you do not tell your guests to take their seats then there is a very strong possibility that, because Uncle Red had tunnel vision, they will be standing throughout the entire ceremony.

Note: I would suggest for any officiant to wait for the music to fade completely out before you begin speaking.

Exchanging of the Vows – Uncle Red will be prepared and is excited to give you his very best and here is how it goes.

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[Example #1]

Uncle Red: (Anxiously reads from his script) John, please repeat after me: “I, John, take thee Kathy to be my wife, and before God and these witnesses, I promise to be a faithful and true husband.”

John: (Who is a little nervous, maybe?) Says, “I, Kathy, take thee John…”

Now poor John can’t even remember his own name let alone that entire sentence Uncle Red asked him to repeat. Even if he could remember that entire sentence, he certainly won’t be able to after the roaring laughter of 200 of his closest friends and family witnessing something resembling America’s Funnies Home Videos. Please tell your officiant to have you repeat no more than 2-4 words at a time.

[Example #2]

Uncle Red: “John, please repeat after me, I, John…”
John (Groom): “I, John…”
Uncle Red: “…take you Kathy…”
John (Groom): “…take you Kathy…”
Uncle Red: “…to be my wife…”
John (Groom): “…to be my wife…” You get the picture.

Note: It is important for your officiant to tell both the bride and groom to look at each other when they exchange their vows. Most couples will be looking at the officiant when repeating unless instructed otherwise. This is a powerful moment that is shared between Bride and Groom, not Uncle Red and John, the groom. Let’s keep it that way.

Post Ceremony – The guests will be looking to your officiant for guidance. After the wedding party has exited down the aisle, the music should fade down and your officiant should give instructions for your guests on what to do and where to go.

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Hopefully these tips will help you to plan your own ceremony and take some of the guess work out of it.

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